Saturday, December 12, 2009

To the (Wanted) Poacher's Delight .. . Lodya Mogya Story

To the (Wanted) Poacher's Delight .. .

A fund of Rs 103 crores is being given to the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve from the Central government for the relocation of villages so that the tiger gets more space. The first village to be shifted is Hindwad.

Almost 40 crore INR is going to be spent for this particular village relocation. In Hindwad village there is a big colony of Mogya Community – of the total 120 Mogya families – 30 families live here.

Many of the Mogya’s from this place were directly involved in Tiger Poaching.

Tiger Watch has been able to nab many of these poachers with the help of police department, the main accuse from here were Lakshman Mogya and Ramji lal Mogya.

One tough and intelligent some 40 year old poacher lives here too – his name is Janki lal Mogya AKA Lodya Mogya AKA Raju lal Mogya.

Lodya Mogya - The Wanted Poacher - To receive relocation money from the Forest Department!

Neither does Lodya surrender nor is he caught. He is the only person who has poached tiger with other community members apart from the Mogya’s – the Mogya’s usually have their own gang from within the community.

This nasty poacher is involved in the killing of 3 tigers from Indala Dang of Lahpur Range.

He was the gang leader and hid in the Chhan village.

Lodya lives here and this village is being shifted – an opportunity of INR Ten Lac (One million Rupees) has come in front of him like winning an unexpected lottery ticket!

But this is a moment to get him to surrender for the charges – CBCI case is against him. The CID (CB) case 2005 – Jaipur FIR 08/5; the team led by Additional SP Mr. Samir Singh an efficient Police man under his direction several poachers have been arrested.

Samir Singh - Additional SP - A brave and efficient officer who has arrested several poachers...

Recently, Lodya went to forest department administration and filled his form and registered himself. Interestingly he is going to receive the amount in a couple of days...

Without court proceedings against him for the crime of killing Three tigers – if he receives the compensation, it would be nothing less than a tragedy for the ‘Golden Gods’ for whom the Forest department is supposed to work!

Dharmendra Khandal from Tiger Watch – has informed this to the FD and Lodya’s name is in the wanted list and Dharmendra has informed this to Lodya too, that no money will he get without surrendering - Lodya's reply to this was, "50 Gms lead and 50 Gms Gun powder; is sufficient for you to keep you away from my business Dharmendra Sahib".

Sadly, The FD keeps having coordination meetings with the Police for the raid operation but the tourism business keeps them busy.

Now that the official protectors keep cutting tickets for visitors – The vulnerable tiger lives probably just to save himself from encroachers, wood cutters, illegal grazers and also lastly from the poachers – their greatest enemy...

Is that the fate of Ranthambhore tigers?? .. .and Jogi Sighs!


  1. This is an extremely sad situation...

    Is there anything the FD is going to do right or are they going to continue to all the wrong things only?

    Isn't there anyone who can stop them??

  2. media will do a story on it tomorrow but it will be a discouraging thing for them........but we have no option .........have to publish it....

  3. would not be surprising to learn the RTR FD is getting some money from each 10 lakh unit. Lodya is just a business case for them. Of course they would not hear to TW.

    And lodya will certainly buy smart guns with 5-6 lakh, so that he does not have worry about lead and gunpowder. Sad

    Forest Departments, your child, are our biggest enemy Mr MOEFs.

  4. A common story really. While the effort is commendable, these issues rather a conflict of issues, will need tackling.

    Are the families being paid after relocating or before?

  5. Good question Anil...
    The situation seems pathetic, but has become common nowadays. There needs to be some mechanism put in place to reduce these things.

  6. Really touching article. A good point raised in today's society where everyone is trying to save the tiger, but no one is really succeeding. We need to curb the corruption from the base and then rise up. We can't fire a minister and say we've cured corruption. Killing of tigers has really become an alarming issue. There should be a system to curb these unfortunate deaths.